Kneipp cure

Kneipp therapy

A system of healthcare developed in the 19th century by Father Sebastian Kneipp (1821–1897), which was based on hydrotherapy and consisted of morning dew walks or walking on freshly fallen snow, followed by a brisk dry massage to increase circulation. In addition to hydrotherapy, Kneipp recommended light and fresh-air therapies and herbal teas. Kneipp therapy eventually gave rise to what is now known as naturopathy.
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Kneipp cure

[Sebastian Kneipp, Ger. priest, 1821–1897]
The application of water in various forms and temperatures to treat disease. Treatments used in kneippism include walking barefoot in the morning dew, bathing in cool water, applying wet compresses, and hosing or spraying with water, among others.
Synonym: kneippism See: hydrotherapy
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Sebastian, German pastor, 1821-1897.
Kneipp cure - Synonym(s): Kneipp treatment
Kneipp treatment - a therapeutic system of treatment consisting of diet, walking barefoot in dewy grass or snow in the early morning, and cold-water applications. Synonym(s): Kneipp cure; Kneippism
Kneippism - Synonym(s): Kneipp treatment
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