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The act of destroying someone’s knee(s) using a firearm, baseball bat, lead pipe or other blunt instrument, or a power drill—with a countersunk drill bit—as punishment or torture. The practice has been popular with paramilitaries in Italy and Northern Ireland and reported from Gaza. The patella is not always injured in these incidents; damage to soft tissues—nerves and arteries—can be significant
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Hail to the sovereign of Shankill - if you don't doff the cap and bend the knee his gunmen will do it for you, with an introduction to the ancient art of knee-capping.
The victim of a knee-capping armed himself with a wooden baton after death threats.
His managerial career started with a 9-0 defeat, and he has had to deal with threats of knee-capping, a car crash that killed a close friend, taunts of 'Judas', and a dawn raid by the fraud squad.
His killing was one of four attacks on Friday including a knee-capping and two fire-bombings which are bound to put new strains on the peace process.