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An amphetamine-like neural stimulant used by Yemenites and East Africans, who chew buds/fresh leaves of Catha edulis; dried leaves can be used but are less potent
Advese effects Psychologic dependence, increased blood pressure, respiratory rate
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Since arrival of the IAF Knat and through all deliberations of PAF pilots with army authorities, the IAF Hunters kept flying low over Pasrur Airfield to locate their Knat and pilot.
Major Yahya Ghaznavi, his youngest son and a retired Armoured Corps officer recalls the IAF Knat incident, "The day this incident took place, we the family members heard about the prized catch of an Indian plane and went over to the Pasrur Airfield to visit my dad's unit and take a look at the Indian plane.
By the end of the month what a change - the fly life has reached its peak production point and daily countless hawthorns, Grannoms and Black Knats float on the water in abundance.