Heinrich, German-born U.S. neurologist, 1897-1975. See: Klüver-Barrera Luxol fast blue stain, Klüver-Bucy syndrome.
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As Mary Kluver at the King Science Center in Omaha, Nebraska, wrote on her returned survey, "a list is right on target!
Kluver is an employee communications coordinator with Northern States Power Company.
As the economists Ben Harrison and Jean Kluver have made clear, nearly all the growth in the state attributable to "local advantage" (i.e., conditions on which local managers and policy-makers could have an effect is concentrated in business and legal services, finance, insurance, real estate and especially construction: what the economist R.D.
378)--and that Chinese leaders are exhibiting more aggressive attitudes in international affairs (Hinck, Manly, Kluver, & Norris, 2016).
The Confucius Institute's global achievement of influence has received mixed reactions (Kluver, 2014).
But then Billy Kluver of E.A.T., who was leading the project, said: "Well, how about doing it outside?" Because the group had been trying to figure Out how to hide the building 'designed by an outside consultant].
In a fairytale land torn apart by war and rebellion, two resilient young women seek love and revenge in the satisfying conclusion to the Legacy trilogy by teenage author Kluver. Princess and Grand Provost Alera of Hytanica, secretly betrothed to Narian, leader of the victorious Cokyrian forces, struggles to maintain a fragile peace between her people and their conquerors.
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Based on this perspective, the United States has often encouraged and supported provision of the Internet in China (Kluver 2005).