Dejerine-Klumpke, Augusta

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Augusta, French neurologist, 1859-1927.
Dejerine-Klumpke palsy - Synonym(s): Klumpke palsy
Dejerine-Klumpke syndrome - Synonym(s): Klumpke palsy
Klumpke palsy - a type of brachial birth palsy in which there is paralysis of the muscles of the distal forearm and hand. Synonym(s): Dejerine-Klumpke palsy; Dejerine-Klumpke syndrome; Klumpke paralysis
Klumpke paralysis - Synonym(s): Klumpke palsy
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In something of a plot twist, Isaac Roberts' widow, French astronomer Dorothea Klumpke Roberts, collaborated with Hagen that same decade, perhaps to rehabilitate her husband's reputation, which suffered after his criticism of Herschel.
She lived with Nathalie Micas and later Anna Klumpke and was awarded the Legion d'Honneur in 1865.
The paralysis of the right upper extremity was defined as mix brachial plexus palsy (Erb-Duchenne palsy + Klumpke palsy) and physical therapy exercises were prescribed.
Another system which is a cause of morbidity in the neaonatal period is the neurological system; Erb paralysis, Klumpke paralysis, diaphragma paralysis, laryngeal nerve damage and brachial plexus paralysis may be observed (9).
of newborns per 100 shoulder Type of injury with injury dystocias Erb's palsy 60 3 Clavicular fracture 39 1.9 Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy 6 0.3 Klumpke's palsy 4 0.2 Humerus fracture 2 0.1 Neonatal death 0 0 Source: Hoffman, et al.
The American Augusta Klumpke became the first female intern in 1886, though not without first failing the oral exam.
1858), Rosina Emmet (1854-1948), Anna Klumpke (1856-1942), Mary K.
Her interest in the United States led to her long connection with Anna Klumpke, an American artist, who after Bonheur's death, found hundreds of paintings and drawings unseen by anyone in her friend's studio and pulled together the artist's (auto)biography.
Klumpke's birth palsy (involving mainly the C7 root) is only a historical interest and is no longer seen in modern obstetric practice (5).
During the same period, both Erb and Klumpke further elucidated the anatomic details of different clinical presentations.
A good example of this was Augusta Klumpke, an outstanding neurologist.