Maurice, French neurologist, 1858-1942. See: Klippel-Feil syndrome, Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber syndrome.
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Summary: Kochi (Kerala) [India] March 28 (ANI/BusinessWireIndia): In a rare surgery, doctors at Aster Medcity have successfully resected last part of colon and rectum of a 43-year-old male patient, who was suffering from Klippel Trenaunay's Syndrome with intractable rectal bleed, using laparoscopy.
A extremidade do cateter foi fixada a pele para avaliacao das medias hemodinamicas (Klippel e colaboradores, 2016).
Five syndromes have been reported associated with intestinal lymphangiectasia: von Recklinghausen, Turner or Noonan, Klippel Trenaunay and Hennekam (4).
van der Kooy worked with George Klippel, director of channel sales for North America at LiveU, who was excited by the project from the start.
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The fear of tissue injuries was first unfolded when this technique was used by Peterson in reconstructive and cosmetic faciomaxillary surgery, [8] Mann and Klippel in paediatric surgery, [9] Kamer in rhytidoplasty, [10] Tabin in blepharoplasty, [11] with minimum scarring and excellent results.
De acordo com Klippel, Antunes Junior e Vaccaro (2007), a gestao de materiais pode otimizar a flexibilidade dos ambientes produtivos, impactando assim os resultados globais da organizacao, e possui dois sentidos basicos de atuacao: reducao dos precos de custos dos materiais (decorrente de acoes em parcerias com fornecedores, por exemplo) e diminuicoes dos niveis gerais de inventarios (por meio de melhorias no controle logistico).
The scenario of overfishing, lack of biological information, and catches led to overexploitation of various demersal elasmobranchs in Southeast Atlantic or South Occidental Atlantic (Vooren and Klippel, 2005).
"I'm driving from Brussels to Meise (or anywhere else needed) later today, let me know if I can assist," Twitter user Virginia De Klippel said.
Anaesthesia for retrognathia correction in a case of Klippel Feil syndrome.