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A regional term for a crack cocaine addict
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Like the Klingons before them, the Na'vi have their own official language.
lt;p>Dubbed Klingon Anti-Virus (KAV), the software is actually a tweaked version of Sophos' Threat Detection Test translated into the language spoken by Klingons in the fictional Star Trek universe.
From there, the financial contagion had spread throughout the galaxy and even Klingons, the word was, were scrimping on their previously lavish bloodworm platters at warrior feasts.
The double-pointed sword used by Klingons in the show is crescent-shaped and about a yard long.
SHOOTING STAR: Malcolm McDowell plays the evil scientist Soren who joins forces with some rather nasty Klingons in Star Trek: Generations, Sky Sci/Fi Horror, 7.
In the immortal TV series Star Trek, the Klingons were often fearsome adversaries of Captain James Kirk, his crew and the Federation.
And at the same time, advocates should continue pounding on the statehouse door seeking laws that keep the Klingons from turning on their cloaking devices.
Apart from pulling out the main prize at the half-time draw (the pounds 9 Pizza Hut voucher was won by Tracey Ramsbottom from Pontefract) he also rid the stadium of those pesky Klingons camped out in the private boxes and the Ferengi who lived under the stairs.
This exciting installment deals with the manipulation by Star Fleet Intelligence of events that lead up to an historic treaty between the Romulans, the Klingons, and the Federation.
Like Klingons who are itching for a good fight, starting much earlier than need be and waiting breathlessly for the choice of ``Mr.
A Star Trek fan, I view this [tactic] as similar to the way the Klingons cloak their ships," he jokes.
This is no pimply ninth-grader, dreaming about blowing away the Klingons so that he can join forces with Captain Kirk and the Enterprise.