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A regional term for a crack cocaine addict
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The Klingons will finally be back in "Star Trek: Discovery" Season 2, episode 3.
Q: Is it cultural appropriation for you, a human, to presume to speak for the Klingons?
On episode three, Voq's associate L'Rell asks him to "sacrifice everything" if he wants to win the war against the Federation and also, exact revenge on the Klingons who excommunicated him.
As part of the simulation, cadets will need to decide whether or not to take their ship into a demilitarised zone to save survivors of the Kobayashi Maru, a stranded civilian vessel, which in turn triggers a hostile response from the Klingons, a rival faction, and leads to the destruction of the cadet's ship.
It also doesn't hurt that the first two episodes took a swipe at Donald Trump (make Klingons great again!) or that Star Trek tends to reflect the greater concerns humanity is grappling with.
Raised by Spock's Vulcan dad Sarek (James Frain, inset) after her parents were killed by Klingons, she gets the job done without pesky emotions clouding her judgement.
The first look at Star Trek: Discovery shows off a new ship and new characters and features a return of the Klingons.
Dorn chorus: You could learn to speak the Klingons' language
Lots of aliens have caused problems for the crew over the decades, from Borgs and Klingons to Romulans and Cardassians, but the super-cute Tribbles were one of the most dangerous.
Enterprise, who, as literature professor Paul Cantor observes in his essay "Shakespeare in the Original Klingon," is "a Cold Warrior very much on the model of JFK." In episodes like "The Omega Glory," in which Kirk rapturously quotes the preamble to the Constitution, or "Friday's Child," where he struggles to outwit the Klingons (stand-ins for the Soviet menace) in negotiations over the resources of a planet modeled on Middle Eastern petroleum states, Kirk stands fixedly, even obstinately, for the principles of universal freedom and against collectivism, ignorance, and passivity.
In the cosplaycostume playwonderland that is Comic-Con, a four-day gathering in San Diego, another kind of costume stood out among the thousands of Klingons, Jokers and Princess Leiasa group of young bearded men adorned in typical Hasidic dress.
"We Klingons are passionate, passionate Beatles fans,'' Gowron interjected.