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Consider the episode "Redemption." Picard has overseen the installation of Gowron as chief of the Klingon Empire, a decision that, though unorthodox, follows Klingon law.
The actors were last seen together in the movie "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country." The movie was released in 1991 and was about Kirk trying to uncover a deadly plot and stop a new war with the Klingon Empire.
Axanar focuses on Garth and his crew during the Four Years War with the Klingon Empire, twenty-one years before the original Star Trek - a war that almost tore apart the Federation and set the stage for Star Trek mythology as we know it.
During a breather from a very popular photo-op with fans, Hertzler and O'Reilly (still in make-up and, more often than not, still in character) reflected on their respective careers, the glory days of the Klingon Empire and even the success of the Beatles on their Klingon home world.
The United Federation of Planets (which includes Earth) has long been in conflict with the Klingon Empire. But now a Klingon moon--also the site of an energy complex--has exploded, crippling the empire and elevating the credibility of those Klingons calling for peace.
Harrison reveals that he is actually Khan, a genetically engineered superhuA[degrees] man who was awakened from a 300 year long period of suspended animation by Admiral Marcus to develop advanced weapons for a future war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. His reveA[degrees] lation, however, is not without a selfA[degrees]serving agenda and it all comes crashing down in the specA[degrees]tacular climax of the film.
Players captain their own starships as part of the Federation or Klingon Empire. They can journey to new worlds and take part in ground and space missions.
The Klingon Empire is falling apart and they want to sue for peace.
"Very well," said Kung, and with evident distaste continued, "I am here as an emissary of the Klingon Empire High Council Division of Accounting and People Management ...
Mitch Pearlman, the longtime head of the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission, once likened government privatization to the Klingon Empire's "cloaking device," which hides spacecraft in the sci-fi TV series "Star Trek."
So why the use of "Bluetooth" instead of "Gorm?" Probably because saying you're From the Gorm Special Interest Group might receive the same reaction as saying you are a plenipotentiary From the Klingon Empire. And where would be the honor in that?
In this first volume in a three-volume series, Captain Kirk and the Enterprise are facing a threat from the Klingon Empire. There has been relative peace since the Klingons were defeated at the Battle of Donatu V 25 years earlier but the Klingons have been waiting for their opportunity to regain their honor.