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(kĭl′ō-lē″tĕr) [Fr. kilolitre],


One thousand liters.
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On the infrastructure side, Nampa is working on an airport management plan, and is considering forming an auditorium district, like Boise's, Kling said.
(5) A verified chain of ownership cannot be established linking the horn's present owner back to Kling, yet the instrument remains remarkably similar to, and may possibly be the horn in the Methode drawing.
One of the firm's employees learned about Philips voice technology through a trade association to which he belonged and passed the information on to Kling. She soon contacted the local Philips certified reseller, Quality Assured Office Machines, in Green Bay, Wis.
The origins of Kling Consult go back to 1954 when Karl Kling, an enterprising German engineer, founded his eponymous company in his hometown of Krumbach in the industrial state of Bavaria.
Here are the five charters of NCLH ships planned by Landry & Kling:
Critique: The collaborative work of Bonnie Keith (President of The Forefront Group, a leader in Strategic Sourcing Transformation, and an adjunct faculty for the University of Tennessee); Kate Vitasek (a world authority on highly collaborative win-win relationships for her award-winning research and Vested business model); Karl Manrodt (Professor of Logistics in the Department of Management at Georgia College and State University); and Jeanne Kling (a Research Associate with the Vested team at the University of Tennessee), ""Strategic Sourcing in the New Economy: Harnessing the Potential of Sourcing Business Models for Modern Procurement) is enhanced with the inclusion of illustrations, figures, an appendix, twenty-four pages of notes, a twenty page glossary, and a thirty-nine page index.
"I'm here to tell you it's not enough, it was once more," Kling told the crowd.
Officers had responded to a report of a domestic argument at the Beaverton home of Christopher Robert Kling, 22, on Sunday night when a family friend gave them a smartphone video of Kling drawing smoke from a glass pipe and blowing it into the child's mouth.
Kling Films' (organisers of the show) Managing Partner Ayesha Ahmed attributed the change in date to something beyond their control and described the event as oea complete entertainment show, something like a Bollywood awards' night Ci.
Kling, details how cloud computing has evolved, as well as the key people who were involved in that evolution.