Frank, 20th-century U.S. neurologist. See: Landau-Kleffner syndrome.
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Robinson, Kleffner, Bertels, and Street (2008) found empirical evidence that inclusion on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index resulted in a permanent increase in a firm's share price.
April 19, 2017: Matthew Philip Carl Bealsey, William Kleffner, Jonathan Michael Schmook.
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The term Enterprise Risk Management is used interchangeably with Enterprise-Wide Risk Management (EWRM), Holistic Risk Management (HRM), Corporate Risk Management (CRM), Business Risk Management (BRM), Integrated Risk Management (IRM), and Strategic Risk Management (SRM) (Hoyt and Liebenberg, 2011; Kleffner et al.
En el diagnostico diferencial debe considerarse la afasia secundaria a crisis convulsivas, similar a la paralisis de Tod y sindrome de Landau Kleffner (7).
Although stakeholders relentlessly press corporations to adopt more socially responsible behavior, it is still not fully embraced within the strategic sphere (Robinson, Kleffner, and Bertels, 2011).
Kleffner underlines the unique issue of the implications of criminal proceedings conducted by organized non-State actors' groups on admissibility.
Electrophysiological evidence of persisting unilateral auditory cortex dysfunction in the late outcome of Landau and Kleffner syndrome.
The choice of instruments in this article is based on Kleffner and Doherty (1996) who suggest a number of factors that determine insurers' ability to write corporate coverage.
The principle of distinction has been interrogated in a wide range of legal studies and social science scholarship, in large part because of its lack of clarity and ambiguity in practice (Carpenter, 2005; Gregory, 2006; Kasher, 2007; Kinsella, 2006; 2011; Kleffner, 2007; Walzer, 1977).
Quando a direcao da fonte de iluminacao e invertida, ocorre uma inversao na percepcao da profundidade ou relevo das imagens hemisfericas (Champion & Adams, 2007; Kleffner & Ramachandran, 1992; Quaglia & Fukusima, 2006; Ramachandran, 1988; Thomas, Nardini, & Mareschal, 2010).
Jann Kleffner & Heather Harrison Dinniss, Keeping the Cyber Peace: International Legal Aspects of Cyber Activities in Peace Operations, 89 INT'L L.