(Kielland) (kyel'ănd),
Christian, Norwegian obstetrician, 1871-1941. See: Kjelland forceps.
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Duran uncovered the partial skull of a Triceratops while digging with Michael Kjelland, an excavator and professor at Maryville State University in North Dakota.
Prior to the discovery, Kjelland arranged a paleontology dig at a famous (https://www.ibtimes.com/new-species-duck-billed-dinosaur-has-odd-lower-jaw-2806653) fossil site in North Dakota known as Hell Creek Formation.
The literature is replete with the sublethal negative impacts of elevated suspended sediments on fishes with respect to spawning areas, egg and larval development, respiratory distress, foraging abilities, invertebrate food base, and more (Bruton, 1985; Chapman et al., 2014; Kjelland et al., 2015), much of which must apply to fishes in the LCR.
A summary of the overall curve fitting results can be found in Kjelland [28].
The deterministic version of [S.sup.4]M was evaluated in Kjelland [28].
This is the anatomical structure responsible for carpal tunnel syndrome, to which females are particularly susceptible (Brandfonbrener & Kjelland, 2002).
Pianists are particularly prone to injury and the finger/hand has a high rate of PRMDs with overuse of muscular tissues a primary causal factor (Brandfonbrener & Kjelland, 1992).
She married Olaf Kjelland on June 19, 1954, in Reno, Nev.
2001) (Emotional ties with parents is one of the factors in determining best interests of the child in custody determinations.); Kjelland v.
Additional information concerning these procedures can be found in Kjelland (2001).
Featured teachers: Dorothy Straub, Sally O'Reilly, Jim Kjelland and Bob Genualdi.
Featured teachers: Daniel Farris, Rollo Dillworth and James Kjelland. Type of participants: String and wind instrumentalists, vocalists, conductors and teachers.