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Johan G.C., Danish chemist, 1849-1900. See: Kjeldahl apparatus, Kjeldahl method, macro-Kjeldahl method, micro-Kjeldahl method.
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Part Four - Deliveries of extraction apparatus and Kjeldahl N determination apparatus are further specified in a document that forms an annex to the tender dossier "Appendix No.
The scientists determined crude protein content using the Kjeldahl method.
El analisis se realizo mediante los metodos Kjeldahl y micro-Kjeldahl y se confirmaron en el Laboratorio de Biotecnologia de la Universidad de San Buenaventura (Cali, Colombia).
The moisture was determined by drying each sample in an oven at 105[degrees]C until reaching constant weight; the crude ash was determined by incineration in a muffle furnace at 550[degrees]C for 24 h; crude protein content was determined by the Kjeldahl method with a fully automated Kjeldahl nitrogen/protein analyzer (FOSS-2003, Sweden) after acid digestion in a Tecator digestor 2020; and crude lipid was extracted with petroleum ether, as described by Liu et al.
Moisture was determined by drying into an oven (Labostar-LG 122, Japan) at 105degC for 24 h; ash by burning in a muffle furnace (Isuzu, Japan) at 550degC for 18 h; crude protein by the Kjeldahl method (N x 6.
Para la cuantificacion de nitrogeno total Kjeldahl (NTK) y fosforo total (PT), se tomaron 500 mL de agua integradas de tres profundidades: superficie, una profundidad Secchi (1DS) y tres profundidades Secchi (3DS).
The protein content in the supernatant was determined by the Kjeldahl method and percent protein solubility was calculated as follows:
Nitrogen content of dried camel milk was determined by Kjeldahl method and then the value was multiplied by a factor 6.
Total Kjeldahl nitrogen (TKN) and total organic carbon (TOC) were estimated by using a Micro-Kjeldahl method (21) and partial-oxidation method (22) respectively.
Total Kjeldahl nitrogen concentration (TKN) was estimated by clipping 10 turf sprigs (about 5 g), which were oven dried at 70 to 80[degrees]C for [greater than or equal to] 48 h, weighed, ground, and analyzed by the UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Analytical Research Laboratory.