Kirschner, Martin

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Martin, German surgeon, 1879-1942.
Kirschner apparatus - Synonym(s): Kirschner wire
Kirschner bone drill
Kirschner bow
Kirschner II-C shoulder system
Kirschner hip replacement system
Kirschner interlocking intramedullary nail
Kirschner Medical Dimension hip replacement
Kirschner pin fixation
Kirschner skeletal traction
Kirschner suture
Kirschner system
Kirschner total shoulder prosthesis
Kirschner traction
Kirschner wire - an apparatus for skeletal traction in long bone fracture. Synonym(s): Kirschner apparatus
Kirschner wire drill
Kirschner wire fixation
Kirschner wire fixation
Kirschner wire inserter
Kirschner wire pin
Kirschner wire splint
Kirschner wire spreader
Kirschner wire tightener
Kirschner wire traction
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In type B single or double incisions with screw or plate fixation is enough while in type A and type C double or triple incisions with screw or plate fixation in medial joints and Kirschner wire fixation in lateral joints are needed.
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Neer reported 100% union with Kirschner wire fixation and suggested displaced fracture should be stabilised for better results.
B, Same fracture status after open reduction and internal fixation with two 2.0 mm interfragmentary screws, augmented with Kirschner wire fixation. C, 4 week's after surgery with removal of the Kirschner wire.
Many methods have been proposed ranging from closed reduction and plaster cast immobilization to percutaneous pinning and even open reduction and internal fixation with Kirschner wire fixation. (4,5,6,7,8,9)
One alternative to Kirschner wire fixation for the SL is the use of temporary headed or headless screw inserted over a guidewire.