Kirlian Photography

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A technique for producing a picture from high voltage, named after S. Kirlian, an electrician from Kuban, Russia. In 1939, Kirlian accidentally discovered that placing an object or body part on undeveloped film laying on top of an aluminium plate connected to a source of high voltage resulted in an image characterised by small corona discharges
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At the AHNA conference, I experienced Kirlian photography firsthand by having a Kirlian photograph taken of myself.
For example, using an advanced form of Kirlian photography, Indian physician Ramesh Chouhan can identify the unique energy signature of various diseases months before overt symptoms.
The developers of the process, known as Kirlian photography, say it can be used to diagnose cancer and other diseases.
Aizpurua also discusses developments related to particular phenomena and claims, such as poltergeists, tape-recorded voices, psi in animals and plants, healing, Kirlian photography, OBEs, and reincarnation-type cases.
Decades later, I happened to read a book, The Body Electric-A Personal Journey into the Mysteries of Parapsychology and Kirlian Photography, by Dr.