Joseph J., U.S. physician, 1860-1919. See: Kinyoun stain.
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We made subcultures on sheep blood, chocolate, and Sabouraud agar and performed Kinyoun and Ziehl-Neelsen stains, in which we observed partially acidic alcohol-resistant coccobacilli (Appendix Figure, panels B,C).
No fungal elements were seen in the Gram stain, and the acid-fast stain using a concentrated Kinyoun stain was negative for acid-fast bacilli.
Kinyoun staining for the detection of opportunistic intestinal coccidia was also used.
La tecnica de tincion de Kinyoun para identificar a Cryptosporidum spp., que es especifica para este parasito.
The scrapings were stained with Gram's staining technique, Kinyoun staining, Giemsa stain and KOH wet mount preparation.
Staining techniques include Ziehl-Neelsen (common in practice), Kinyoun, and fluorochrome-based techniques with auramine-rhodamine.
Samples collected in 2014 (n = 101) were stained using the Kinyoun method in conjunction with an automated staining system (ZN Aerospray[R] TB Slide Stainer/Cytocentrifuge, Wescor, Logan, USA) and read using light microscopy (oil immersion lens, 100x).
Fluorescent microscopy is potentially more sensitive and less labour intensive than traditional light microscopy using the Ziehl-Neelsen or Kinyoun method for the identification of acid-fast bacilli.
Kinyoun stain revealed oval asci with 1-4 ascospores inside, a characteristic finding of Saccharomyces genus (Figure 1(d)).
A modified acid-fast Kinyoun stain was also positive.