Joseph J., U.S. physician, 1860-1919. See: Kinyoun stain.
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We made subcultures on sheep blood, chocolate, and Sabouraud agar and performed Kinyoun and Ziehl-Neelsen stains, in which we observed partially acidic alcohol-resistant coccobacilli (Appendix Figure, panels B,C).
No fungal elements were seen in the Gram stain, and the acid-fast stain using a concentrated Kinyoun stain was negative for acid-fast bacilli.
Kinyoun staining for the detection of opportunistic intestinal coccidia was also used.
The scrapings were stained with Gram's staining technique, Kinyoun staining, Giemsa stain and KOH wet mount preparation.
Staining techniques include Ziehl-Neelsen (common in practice), Kinyoun, and fluorochrome-based techniques with auramine-rhodamine.
Samples collected in 2014 (n = 101) were stained using the Kinyoun method in conjunction with an automated staining system (ZN Aerospray[R] TB Slide Stainer/Cytocentrifuge, Wescor, Logan, USA) and read using light microscopy (oil immersion lens, 100x).
Fluorescent microscopy is potentially more sensitive and less labour intensive than traditional light microscopy using the Ziehl-Neelsen or Kinyoun method for the identification of acid-fast bacilli.
Kinyoun stain revealed oval asci with 1-4 ascospores inside, a characteristic finding of Saccharomyces genus (Figure 1(d)).
A modified acid-fast Kinyoun stain was also positive.