Joseph J., U.S. physician, 1860-1919. See: Kinyoun stain.
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It can be demonstrated in direct smears by modified Kinyoun stain, in which acid-alcohol decolorizer is substituted with a low-concentration inorganic acid.
All bone marrow specimens were positive for MTBC by culture, or were either positive for AFB by Kinyoun stain or contained granulomas.
As the organism was weakly acid fast, according to the Kinyoun acid-fast stain modified for aerobic actinomycetes, we presumptively identified this organism as Rhodococcus sp.
parvum by Kinyoun carbol-fuchsin modified acid-fast stain (30) immunofluorescence (31).
21) A proventricular smear demonstrated Cryptosporidium oocysts with Kinyoun acid-fast staining, and Cryptosporidium oocysts were present in fecal samples as well.
Crptosporidiosis'in laboratuar tanisinda Kinyoun modi-fiye asit-fast metodu ile boyama, kolay ve kisa zamanda sonuc alinabilmesi nedeniyle bircok laboratuarda esas metod haline gelmistir.
Moreover, many laboratories use the same methods today that were in use a half century ago: conventional stains such as Ziehl-Neelsen or Kinyoun for staining sputum smears, eggbased solid media for culture, and solid media for AST.
Kinyoun founded the Hygienic Laboratory on Staten Island, N.
Joseph Kinyoun graduated from New York University in 1882, joined the Marine-Hospital Service in 1886, and was posted to New York.
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A cytospin slide prepared from the broth was positive for acid-fast bacilli by Kinyoun stain.