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(kĭn′zē), Alfred Charles 1894-1956.
American sexologist and zoologist noted for his 1948 study, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, popularly known as "The Kinsey Report." Kinsey's survey, which was based upon thousands of interviews, revealed a greater variety of sexual behavior than had previously been suspected, and generated much controversy among both the scientific community and the general public.
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Kinsey has a chip on his shoulder this time around.
Early in his career, Dr Kinsey designed and patented the oxygen electrode which enabled the instantaneous measurement of oxygen in seawater.
Officials with the state Department of Justice - which investigated the case and deployed a state assistant attorney general to prosecute Kinsey in Lane County - did not return messages seeking additional information.
Kinsey said AWS offers outside server and data center infrastructure so companies can avoid the cost and hassle of on-site maintenance.
Kinsey played for England again in April 1893, when they beat Scotland 5-1 at Richmond.
Alleda shot Kinsey in the one of his legs but survived the shooting after police responded to reports of a man brandishing a gun and threatening suicide.
Mr Kinsey, 47, said he had been trying to get his 27-year-old patient back to a facility from where he had wandered.
Kinsey told Miami's WSVN-TV that he was trying to calm the autistic patient when police showed up on Monday evening.
The Kinsey Collection captures more than 400 years of the African experience in the Americas," says Stephen Middleton, the university's director of African American Studies and a professor of history.
Born in 1894, Kinsey suffered an extremely repressive childhood and adolescence at the hands of his father, a hardline Methodist, who enforced numerous social and religious regulations on his son.
These articles have three kinds of 'rhetorical looks' corresponding to Mulvey's theory: (a) newspaper discourse that records responses to Kinsey's study; (b) newspaper readers who read these articles; and (c) Kinsey, as well as the individuals responding to the release of SBHF within the newspaper articles.
A scurrilous PI turns out to be a murder victim, the apparent result of a robbery gone bad, leaving Kinsey another mystery to solve.