kallikrein-kinin system

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kallikrein-kinin system

a proposed hormonal system that functions within the kidney, with the enzyme kallikrein in the renal cortex mediating production of bradykinin, which acts as a vasodilator peptide. Kallikrein is present in blood plasma, urine, and tissues in an inactive state. Also spelled kallikren-kinin system.


any of a group of proteolytic enzymes present in various glands, lymph, urine, blood plasma, etc., or produced directly from mast cells or basophils, or indirectly from activated platelets. The major action of kallikreins is the liberation of kinins from α-2-globulins (kininogens), and they hence have vasodilator and whealing actions.

kallikrein-kinin system
the enzyme system responsible for capillary permeability and smooth muscle contraction.
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