Kingella indologenes

Kin·gel·la in·do·log'·enes

former name for Suttonella indologenes, a bacterial species that is the causitive agent of eye infections and endocarditis on damaged (especially prosthetic) heart valves.
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Sut·ton·el·la in·dol·o·ge·nes

(sŭt'ŏn-el'ă in'dō-loj'ĕ-nēz)
A species that causes eye infections or endocarditis (when heart valves are present) in humans.
Synonym(s): Kingella indologenes.
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We are presenting Suttonella indologenes (ancient name: Kingella indologenes) endocarditis complicated with splenic infarction and lethal intracranial hemorrhage in a patient with aortic valve replacement.
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parainfluenzae ATCC 7901 Hafnia alvei ATCC 13337 Kingella indologenes ATCC 25869 Klebsiella oxytoca ATCC 13182 K.