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mansa (mänˑ·s),

n the root or rhizome of
Anemonopsis californica, used in northern Mexico and southwestern United States to relieve colds, indigestion, and as a blood purifier.
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As we wind up this year's Haj coverage, it worth recalling this interesting Haj nugget: It seems that one of the most spectacular pilgrimages ever made was that of Mansa Musa, the King of Mali.
Tales about Sunjata were once only shared through oral tradition, but now exist in print as a chapter book: Sundiata: An Epic of Mali (Niane, 1965/2006); as a picturebook, Sundiata: The Lion King of Mali (Wisniewski, 1992); and as graphic novels--Sundiata: A Legend of Africa (Eisner, 2002) and Sunjata, Warrior King of Mali: A West African Legend (Fontes & Fontes, 2008).