enzyme kinetics

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en·zyme ki·net·ics

the study of the rates, and alterations in those rates, of enzyme-catalyzed reactions; includes the reactions catalyzed by synzymes, abzymes, and ribozymes.
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Faster Solvers for Large Kinetic Mechanisms using Adaptive Preconditioned," Proceedings of the Combustion Institute.
Mostly, two different chemical kinetic mechanisms, including detailed and simplified, are available for methane oxidation and NO formation.
Popescu method for combustion kinetic mechanisms of coals // Proceedings of the CSEE.
11, 12] considered that the relative chemical complexity involved in the olefins polymerization with Ziegler-Natta catalysts led to the postulation of kinetic mechanisms composed of several reaction steps.
Cooke (biochemistry, U, of Oklahoma) and Cleland (biochemistry, U, of Wisconsin) introduce readers to kinetics and nomenclature, then cover enzyme assays, derivations of initial velocity rate equations and data processing, initial velocity studies in the absence or presence of added inhibitors, pre-steady-state and relaxation kinetics, isotopic probes of kinetic mechanisms, isotropic effects as a probe of mechanisms, and pH dependence of kinetic parameters and isotope effects.
Detailed reaction kinetic mechanisms of pollutant formation and fate require accurate thermochemical and reaction rate parameters.
Most materials possess kinetic mechanisms by which stress is reduced, so the goal of an isothermal test is to observe stress relaxation at a high enough temperature for the effect to occur in a reasonable time.
The multi-zone model was specifically conceived for simulations with detailed kinetic mechanisms and allows for conventional kinetic analyses such as Sensitivity Analysis and Rate of Production Analysis.
Different hardeners or catalysts can be used to enable individual epoxy resins to exhibit various kinetic mechanisms (such as the n-th order and autocatalytic kinetic mechanisms, among others).