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Study participants were generally aware of e-reader technology, though Amazon's Kindle e-reader dominated their awareness.
A PUBLISHING company has won a David versus Goliath battle against retail giant Amazon to make Welsh language books available on the Kindle e-reader.
She won a Kindle e-reader with eight titles and 100 books for her school.
The Kindle Paperwhite sold out quickly and that device and the basic $69 Kindle e-reader are the No.
Kindle books are 'Buy Once, Read Everywhere', allowing to read Kindle books on any Kindle e-reader or Kindle Fire, as well as on iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, PC, Mac, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android phones and tablets, in web browsers with Kindle Cloud Reader and now on Windows 8 devices.
I finally went out to buy a Kindle e-reader after days and days of research on the internet and came back home with an iPad instead.
Adrianne Palmer was the lucky winner of the Kindle e-Reader, generously donated by Decade Software Company, LLC.
The Kindle Fire HD announcements came after Bezos unveiled a new Kindle e-reader with so-called 'paperwhite' display.
London, Sept 7 ( ANI ): Amazon has launched a new Kindle e-reader and two new Fire tablets, as the firm steps up competition with Apple's iPad.
Amazon has dominated the market for e-book since it launched the Kindle e-reader in 2007.
With the actual Kindle e-reader, you even can share those key passages with friends and family using the device's built-in integration with Twitter and Facebook.
Festivities included refreshments, give-away items and multiple drawings for a chance to win prizes such as gift certificates to local restaurants and businesses, a Kindle e-Reader, a Samsung BluRay DVD player, a Nikon Coolpix camera, a Keurig coffee maker and a Barnes & Noble NOOK.