Kimberly Bergalis

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A young woman infected with HIV-1 by her dentist, who was the first person known to epidemiologists to acquire AIDS orally
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Pierce Inlet to feed along Jetty Park and Kimberly Bergalis Park beaches to the south of the Inlet, and try Pepper Park, Avalon Beach and Round Island Park beach north of that.
* Spurred by the case of Kimberly Bergalis, who claimed she was infected by her dentist, the CDC recommends restrictions for some HIV-positive health care workers.
Acer, a Florida dentist, extracted teeth from college student Kimberly Bergalis and thereby contaminated her blood with A.I.D.S., from which he himself suffered.
In addition to his antiracist Cobb, his highly pro-feminist Eleemosynary and his grappling with decades of heartland homophobia in Thief River, Blessing wrote a probing play about Kimberly Bergalis, the "innocent" victim of AIDS who was infected by her dentist in Florida.
[25,26] He has also argued that Kimberly Bergalis, famous for allegedly being infected with HIV by her 13 dentist, was killed by AZT in just two years.
David Acer, the dentist presumed to be responsible for infecting his patient, Kimberly Bergalis, with HIV.
Seventh: The AIDS epidemic is a decade old, marked by the death of Kimberly Bergalis, the young Florida woman who was infected by her dentist, and basketball star Ervin "Magic" Johnson announcing to the world that he is infected.
On June 20, the Sacramento Bee ran a scathing letter to Florida health officials from Kimberly Bergalis, the 23-year-old who contracted HIV from her dentist's improperly sterilized dental tools.
The decision to reject the Helms proposals came just one day after Congress considered the plight of Kimberly Bergalis, a young Florida woman who is dying of AIDS contracted during treatment by her dentist.
(1) Since then, Kimberly Bergalis, a former patient, has gone public with her story and two additional patients of the same dentist have been found to be infected with strains of HIV closely related to the dentist's strain.
There have been signs recently that the Kimberly Bergalis story may need to be rewritten.
She has written about Kimberly Bergalis, Pee-wee Herman, William Kennedy Smith, Anita Hill, Clarence Thomas, and others.