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Participants in the present study were predominantly well nourished and overweight at baseline and most were consuming adequate kilojoules and protein.
Direct drive experiments on LMJ would start in 2017 using about 30 kilojoules of LMJ's 2 Megajoules and 3.
In fact there are no units of interest measurement in the sense that there are kilometres, kilograms or kilojoules.
The energy required to heat the water is converted from kilojoules to kilowatt-hours in electric models and from kilo-joules to cubic meters in gas models.
violacea) representing a total weight of more than one million kilograms of flesh and close to five and a half million kilojoules of energy were exploited at Emo as a whole during its four relatively short phases of occupation beginning c.
For hybrid and fuel-based vehicles, fuel consumed will be measured and transformed to energy in kilojoules, then converted to kWh.
Broken House, with its acoustic guitar and tricksy multi-tracked vocal, is a delight, while Kilojoules adds Magic Numbers-style pop sensibilities and the happiest of handclaps.
On the other hand, MEPs recommend the use of a complete nutritional declaration in the principal field of vision of a food label, per 100 grams or 100 millilitres (and not per portion or per kilojoules, measures MEPs consider obsolete).
3mm as the minimum for thick-skinned dangerous game, but their law, expressed in kilojoules of energy, also requires about 4,000 ft-lbs of muzzle energy.
As a result, they found that eyes facing the sun are exposed to 260 kilojoules of UV per square meter a day on the beach and 658 kilojoules in a snow-covered area, plus up to over 85 percent of the maximum exposure level in the snow even when the eyes are turned away from the sun.
The rules limit the power output to 60 kW (80 hp), with storage limited to 400 kilojoules.