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(kil′ŏ-dolt″ŏn) [ kilo- + dalton],

kD, kDa

A unit of molecular mass consisting of 1000 daltons.
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One thousand daltons. A dalton is the weight of a hydrogen atom. The kilodalton is the standard unit used to represent the weight of large molecules such as proteins. It is normally abbreviated to K or Kd.
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kilodalton (K, kDa, kdal, kDal)

a unit of mass equal to 1000 DALTONS.
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"Atypical pANCA" in IBD and hepatobiliary disorders react with a 50 kilodalton nuclear envelope protein of neatrophils and myeloid cell lines.
Specific antibody generated against the 32 kilodaltons (kDa) HPV-associated protein and antibody specific against the 44 kDa WSMV protein was used in all experiments.
Abbreviations: kDa, kilodalton; PVDF, polyvinyldene difluoride; SDS-PAGE, sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis; VSP, vegetative storage protein.
Abbreviations: ABA, abscisic acid; FW, fresh weight; kD, kilodalton; PM-ATPase, plasma membrane [H.sup.+]-ATPase; [vacuolar membrane [H.sup.+]-ATPase.
This protein is associated with collagen fibrils from all connective tissues, and the average molecular weight ranges from 90 to 140 kilodaltons (kDa).
Peginterferon alfa-2a (40 kilodaltons) and ribavirin in patients with chronic hepatitis C and normal aminotransferase levels.
The molecular weight ranged from 22 [74] to 1,800 [73] kilodaltons (kDa), while the degree of acetylation ranged from 2% [54] to 40% [81].
Markers on the left indicate the molecular weight standards in kilodaltons (kD).
An additional analysis by high resolution liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (2) confirmed that the primary toxin in both samples was palytoxin (molecular weight = 2,680 kilodaltons).
The ultrasensitive sensor can track changes of just a few kilodaltons in the mass of a cantilever in real time.
Cimzia is a small antibody, with a mass of about 40kDa (kilodaltons); therefore, it lacks the ability to cross-link, and it also lacks an Fc region.