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A neologism for a field which attempts to study the psychological and physiological effects of combat on humans
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Also in 2018, Sherman Theatre's co-production with London's Royal Court Theatre, Killology by Gary Owen, directed by Rachel O'Riordan, won an Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement In Affiliate Theatre.
Killology, a co-production between Cardiff's Sherman Theatre and London's Royal Court Theatre, has won the Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement in Affiliate Theatre.
Grossman calls his discipline "killology"--"the scholarly study of the destructive act." Though he spent years as a soldier, he has never killed anyone in combat.
Grossman litters his book with self-serving statements about his expertise; about being sought-after by any number of organizations to lecture, particularly by prestigious institutions like the FBI Academy, West Point, University of Oxford, and Harvard University; and to references of his important contribution to the field of "killology." (36) The effect diminishes the professionalism of his product and leads a reader to question the credibility of his thesis.
A former US Army ranger, paratrooper, psychology professor and director of the Killology Research Group, Dave Grossman, looks at how armies hardwire their troops to become trigger- happy -- at enormous psychological cost: an increase in the post- traumatic stress among soldiers and an escalation of violence among civilians.
Dave Grossman is a former psychology professor at West Point and current director of the Killology Research Group.
On Combat is an "examination of what it takes to perform, cope and survive in the toxicity of deadly combat," according to the Killology Research Group's Web site.
He specifically specializes in the study of the psychology of killing, which he calls 'killology.' In his book, Stop Teaching our Kids to Kill, he says that "certain types of video games are actually killing brain stimulators, and they teach our kids to kill.
Among the most popular blocks of training are "Why We Fight" and "Killology," which address the "why" of OIF/OEF in a frank manner that is lacking in most training and media channels.
Available from the Killology Research Group; (870) 931-5172;
The campaign is in contact with national experts such as the Entertainment Software Rating Board and the Killology Research Group that offer useful information and solutions in this area.