Spree Killer

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A person who embarks on a murderous assault of two or more victims in a short time in multiple locations
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Police say the killing spree took place in three separate towns.
A French prosecutor has confirmed the Toulous gunman, who claimed responsibility for a radical Islam-inspired killing spree, was shot in the head by police.
Mr Goulding confirmed many of the motives believed to have sparked the killing spree.
At least 28 people, most of them Pakhtuns, were killed in the two-day target killing spree in the port city.
<![CDATA[ The lone surviving terrorist in the November 2008 three-day killing spree in Mumbai has been sentenced to death by hanging.]]>
Taggart Thursday, ITV, 9pm Usually the detectives are the ones clearing up the murders but in this edition DI Robbie Ross fears he may be the one to blame for the latest killing spree to hit Glasgow.
Caritas International, the confederation of 162 national Catholic charities, said in a statement it has received reports from the field of a killing spree carried out by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), a Ugandan rebel group.
Kasar, a Pakistani national, was arrested at Marine Drive even as he and his companions began a killing spree. He was on Saturday remanded to police custody till December 11.
The mother of a 28-year-old man held over a killing spree in Washington state that left six people dead spoke of her grief for the victims and their families as authorities tried to determine what started the shooting and stabbing rampage.
(AP) --A Clackamas Community College student was undergoing a mental health evaluation after posting comments on the Internet about a potential killing spree.
Earlier this year, James Cameron, the sole survivor of that killing spree, died at 92, but not before giving interviews for the book.
As revenge, the coders create a hidden parallel game that involves a homicidal Ronald McDonald on a terrifying killing spree. All of this goes on in the background of the novel's much more complicated story line, which includes a pot-farming mom, a Chinese smuggler of refugees who sidelines as a professional ballroom dancer, lesbian separatist survivalists, and an obnoxious writer named Douglas Coupland.