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Drug slang A regionally popular street term for marijuana or PCP
Vox populi A person or force that has committed homicide, in fact or figuratively


Vox populi A person or thing that kills, in fact or figuratively. See Internet serial killer, Self-killer, Serial killer, Silent killer.

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Q. How do you handle someone who has fibromyalgia and addicted to pills? I have no way of 100 % proving that she has overdosed in the past but I know she has. She was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1993 and its gone down hill from there. I feel that she is unstable and will take drastic measures. Is there a way to have her committed for her own good?

A. i think that what she needs from you is support. getting over addiction will not happen by force, a decision must be made so she'll take responsibility for her actions.
i wish you luck on you being a good friend.

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There are also profiles of serial killers created by the FBI after years of questioning imprisoned killers.
The kind of evil that is embodied in the vicious killers in this book, we can only hope, is purely fiction.
The relationship between killers and victims changed as well, reflecting the shift from brawls to robberies.
Sidestepping antibodies and focusing on killer T cells seemed like a practical alternative, Letvin says.
The BBC straightfacedly described a "probe" into "whether the killers learned how to make bombs from the Internet.
Quinn says she fears that the code of silence surrounding gay murders is still prevalent in some parts of the country and that there may be other serial killers out there besides those who have been identified.
He said that provincial government, hospital administration and police had assured them that the killers would be arrested within two weeks.
Maski sinong Pilipino ke bumoto sa kanya ke hindi, hindi naman maganda pakinggan na inaakusahan na serial killer ang ating Pangulo, just because 3000 suspected drug pushers napapatay so far (To any Filipino, who may have or have not voted for him, it is not appropriate to accuse our President of being a serial killer just because 3000 suspected drug pushers have been killed so far),' Lacson said.
Meanwhile, the police raided at hideout on Sunday at Agra Taj Colony area in Karachi and rounded-up a target killer associated with a political party's militant wing.
Photos of the 'monsters' and their victims were projected on a huge screen as he talked about serial killers from England, America, Russia, Japan and Australia.
Downing articulates the ways in which modern serial killers become celebrities and exceptional human beings in the eyes of the public and press, and analyzes the social and cultural purposes their exceptionality serves.
USPRwire, Mon Aug 05 2013] Insect Killers & Repellents in Mexico by Mintel Global Market Navigator provides you with annual year-end market size data, most recently updated in 2013.