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Drug slang A regionally popular street term for marijuana or PCP
Vox populi A person or force that has committed homicide, in fact or figuratively
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Vox populi A person or thing that kills, in fact or figuratively. See Internet serial killer, Self-killer, Serial killer, Silent killer.
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Q. How do you handle someone who has fibromyalgia and addicted to pills? I have no way of 100 % proving that she has overdosed in the past but I know she has. She was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1993 and its gone down hill from there. I feel that she is unstable and will take drastic measures. Is there a way to have her committed for her own good?

A. i think that what she needs from you is support. getting over addiction will not happen by force, a decision must be made so she'll take responsibility for her actions.
i wish you luck on you being a good friend.

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The government is working for getting information about four other convicted fugitive killers. All killers of Bangabandhu would be brought back to home for execution of the court verdict, he affirmed.
The biggest recorded motivator for serial killers globally is enjoyment, categorised as thrill, lust or power over their victims, followed by financial gain and then anger.
Rangers spokesperson said, 'Acting on a tip-off, the paramilitary force conducted raid at house in Kaneez Fatima society and arrested two target killers associated with MQM-L.'
Station House Officer (SHO) PS Saddar Bairooni Inspector Jamal Nasir, when contacted confirmed that man was shot dead by unknown killers. He said the reason behind the murder was yet to be known.
'The target killers identified as Kashif alias Kala and Asif a.k.a.
Sindh Rangers on Sunday arrested target killer of Muthaida Qaumi Movement-London (MQM-L) from Gulshan-e-Iqbal area of the city.
JUI-S, Karak chapter workers took out a rally and blocked the Karak-Bannu road to demand arrest of the killers of the Maulana.
In reprisal, both the target killers succumbed to the injuries and passed away on the spot.
The candid talk will focus on three main case studies, which are often told in the killer's own words, and tell the unsettling tales of how some of the world's most prolific killers perceive themselves, their victims, and their actions.
Examining the background of various serial killers is not fun research.
In a latest report submitted to the Karnataka government, the CID police, who are investigating the killing of Dr Kalburgi, have pointed out specific similarities -- modus operandi of the killers; timing of the killing and the killing style -- to indicate that the same people were involved in the killing of the three rationalists.
The World's Worst Serial Killers, Playhouse Whitley Bay.