Lake Nyos

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A crater lake in Cameroon which, in 1986, was the site of a massive natural release of CO2 gas from a pocket of magma, which caused the deaths of an estimated 1,700 people and 3,500 livestock. It was the first known large-scale asphyxiation caused by a natural event
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The glaciers would melt faster, their inner cores forming killer lakes that flow under the ice and erupt suddenly, unexpectedly wiping out mountain towns ensconced in valleys.
The natural risk associated with such 'killer lakes' can be triggered by lava flows, earthquakes, landslides, storms, even dumped industrial waste, resulting in mixed and sinking solutions disrupting stratification, and causing gasses such as carbon to parachute to the surface.
A deadly dog flu apparently jumped species from horses, and scientists said that killer lakes in Africa that periodically release clouds of toxic gas could strike again.