H., chemist, 1855-1945. See: Kiliani-Fischer synthesis, Kiliani-Fischer reaction.
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For cardiac glycosides, Keller Kiliani test was adopted (0.5 g of extract was added to 2 ml acetic anhydrate plus [H.sub.2]S[O.sub.4]).
Different plant Tests constituents Test for alkaloids Mayer's test, Dragendroff's test, Wagner's test, and Hager's test Test for proteins and Millon's test, Biuret test, and amino acids ninhydrin test Test for anthraquinones Modified Borntrager's test Test for flavonoids Ferric chloride test and lead acetate test Test for carbohydrates Molisch's test Test for reducing sugars Fehling's test and Benedict's test Test for saponins Foam formation test Test for tannins Ferric chloride test and lead acetate test Test for steroids, Liebermann-Burchard test, triterpenoids, and Salkowski test, Noller's test, cardiac glycosides Legal's test, Baljet test, and Keller Kiliani's test TABLE 2: Effect on electrolyte excretion in urine.
4 A-B, F-G, I) and Lyticoceras kiliani Reboulet and Atrops (Fig.
Kiliani Makura feeds children through a Medical Missionaries of Mary AIDS program in Kibera, one of the world's largest slums, located in Nairobi.
The fossil record include also bivalves as Plagiostoma striata (Schlotheim), Chlamys schroeteri (Giebel), Chlamys sp., Gervilleia joleaudi Schmidt, Leptochondria alberti (Goldfuss), Modiolus myoconchaeformis (Philippi), Pseudocorbula gregaria (Munster), Pleuromya elongata (Schlotheim), Costatoria kiliani (Schmidt), Neoschyzodus laevigatus (Goldfuss), Bakevellia costata (Schlotheim),"Enatiostreon"cf.