Kiesselbach, Wilhelm

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Wilhelm, German laryngologist, 1839-1902.
Kiesselbach area - an area on the anterior portion of the nasal septum rich in capillaries (Kiesselbach plexus) and often the seat of epistaxis. Synonym(s): Little area
Kiesselbach plexus
Kiesselbach triangle
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Here blood vessels form a plexus called Kiesselbach plexus under thin nasal mucosa4.
More than 90 per cent of bleeds occur anteriorly and arise from the Little's area, where the Kiesselbach plexus forms on the septum (Villwock & Jones, 2013).
Nasal bleeding is a common disorder in children that is frequently caused by irritation in the Kiesselbach plexus (also known as Little's area).