Kjelland, Christian

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(Kielland), Christian, Norwegian obstetrician, 1871-1941.
Kjelland blade
Kjelland forceps - an obstetrical forceps having a sliding lock and little pelvic curve.
Kjelland obstetrical forceps
Kjelland rotation
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One should use Kielland's forceps, which do not have a pelvic curve and were invented for this precise indication.
The young student in 'Skipper Worse', depicted in the famous satirical book by Norwegian social realism writer Alexander Kielland, published in 1882, and in a short story, 'A Dinner' ('En middag') from 1879, is an example of speaking one's mind, yes, at the time of need.
1980: North Sea accommodation platform Alexander Kielland collapsed, killing 123 oil rig workers.
Depolymerisation of proteins is the bottleneck in the production of amino acids and inorganic N in soils (Schimel and Bennett 2004; Kielland et al.
Carolyn Sampson (soprano) and Marianne Beate Kielland (alto) are both resplendent, distinctive yet well matched; tenor Thomas Walker's voice's sounds a size too small; and David Wilson-Johnson's bass, intelligently used, lacks amplitude in theAgnus Dei.
Teesside senior coroner Clare Bailey gave a narrative verdict that Noah died of rare complications of Kielland's forceps delivery.
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There are enough people who write novels when they want to write about hunger--from Zolato Kielland. They all do it.
(27.) Marianne Beate Kielland and Oyvind Aase, Alf Hurum: Complete Songs with Piano, Thema Music TH2032 (2003).
He was part of the response to the Lockerbie bombing, the collapsed North Sea oil rig Alexander Kielland, the Carlisle floods and countless callouts to Holy Island Coastguard.