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A socially immature adult who acts like a kid and revels in being young at heart
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To win shoppers back, cereal makers are dropping artificial ingredients, touting cereal as a nighttime snack, nudging you to "feed your inner kidult," and promising to "nourish" you.
There was steam coming off the wheels as kidult Chris pulled skids on corners like a 10-year-old with his first BMX.
As there are an increasing number of "Kidult" consumers, who look for sentiments of childhood, manufacturers developed characterised products for this consumer group.
Thirty mediocre minutes of children's tosh stretched out to a kidult hour by excruciatingly unnecessary studio chats that drag on for ever.
Three decades later foul-mouthed Ted is his constant companion, preventing John from taking that step from kidult to man.
My great question at present is what posterity will make of our latest social construct - the kidult.
An anti-fashion activist, Kidult, was responsible for the attack on Jacobs' store.
(3) Worn Out - Creme Egg Charm Bracelet - PS16.99 from With five mini chocolate egg charms adorning this piece of wrist candy, it could well be the most attractive kidult piece of jewellery around.
Comedy stalwarts of the 70s and 80s, like the kidult act of The Krankies, double acts Cannon & Ball and Little & Large, Jim Bowen and "unusualist" Paul Daniels got early television exposure, while the comics were familiar faces from shows like The Comedians.
We've had a sneak preview of the many new toy lines hitting the shelves this year, including those in the popular kidult category.