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A socially immature adult who acts like a kid and revels in being young at heart
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Kidult also targeted the American fashion designer on Twitter by posting a pic of the freshly painted giant green "686 dollars" and dollar signs that he painted on the storefront, the New York Daily News reported.
Knox usefully reminds us that, no matter how academics might contextualise current writers, the important thing is that there are a range of professional writers now producing works across a range of genres (adult, kidult, historical .
A kidult is a person who may be chronologically adult but who is still involved with aspects of culture normally associated with youth.
Curiously, the term even has new synonyms: kidult and rejuvenile.
His vicious attacks on poor Michelle Visage and Calum Best were typical of an unsophisticated kidult whose appalling manners cost him the victory he so desperately craved.
Mobile phone services provider Vodafone Australia just launched a new TV commercial titled Kidult that features the latest craze of twerking made popular by former Hannah Montana star, Miley Cyrus.
com With five mini-chocolate egg charms adorning this piece of wrist candy, it could well be the most attractive kidult piece of jewellery around.
Mostly Es Kidult You have a pink "princess on board" notice in your car windscreen and your kids tell you to grow up.
We've had a sneak preview of the many new toy lines hitting the shelves this year -including those in the popular kidult category.
Identified by market researchers, advertisers and social-study groups as a growing 40-something phenomenon, the kidult spends his/her life listening to a mixture of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Oasis, dips a toe in the water of "modern music" by embracing Coldplay, drives sensible cars too fast, wears jeans and collared shirts and pretends they're cutting edge.
5 Toes are in for a shiny, happy quick-dry treat with Helena Rubinstein's Ritual Color The Jellies in Kidult, pounds 13 (01732-741000).
Angry at losing his mother figure to the new-born infant, her Kidult could not be seen for dust.