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A practice in which a person or business pays someone to find new clients or referrals, and pays that person a percentage of the increased transactions resulting from those referrals
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Fellow Jordanian company Technology Transfer of Europe, said the committee, paid kickbacks of US$998,761 for securing contracts netting US$10.1 million to supply printing equipment and supplies; printing paper; and educational materials: no comment.
The Ho-no-Hana senior members are suspected of requesting the contractors, their subcontractors and go-betweens to offer kickbacks in cash, according to the sources.
Attorney for the Southern District of New York and sued by the federal Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last December for allegedly siphoning off nearly $7 million over five years in a kickback scheme.
Returning to our case involving kickbacks, for each contract signed with suppliers, the nursing home should require that the supplier sign a form acknowledging that kickbacks are illegal.
"We have traced the routing of 70 million euros that had come from AgustaWestland in the form of kickbacks," ED's counsel and Special Public Prosecutor D P Singh told Special CBI Judge Arvind Kumar.
15.32 crores received by KRBL Ltd in the form of a dividend from KRBL DMCC which is nothing but a part of the amount of the kickbacks paid by Embraer," it added.
'We will inform the commission how foreign loans were acquired, which of the blue-eyed construction firms benefited and how the money of kickbacks and commission was transferred to fake bank accounts,' he added.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 8, 2019-Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Lundbeck and Alexion Pharmaceuticals to settle kickback allegations
'It is a perfect case of kickbacks against Hamza Shehbaz,' Raja Aamir Abbas said.
Attorney's Office for allegedly accepting illegal kickback payments from OK Compounding, according to U.S.
on Wednesday to name the government official who allegedly received kickbacks from contractors who purportedly bagged contracts in advance under P75-billion in 'pork' in the 2019 national budget.
United States Attorney William McSwain announced that pharmaceutical companies Abbott Laboratories (ABT) and AbbVie (ABBV) will pay $25M to resolve allegations that it employed kickbacks and unlawful methods of marketing and promotion to induce physicians to prescribe the drug TriCor.