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A practice in which a person or business pays someone to find new clients or referrals, and pays that person a percentage of the increased transactions resulting from those referrals
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Let's say you commit to the client you're giving them kickback of 50 per cent.
However, the payments the doctors received from OK Compounding were, in actuality, "kickbacks" and in violation of the False Claims Act since some patients were insured by the Medicare and TRICARE federal health care programs.
Ponce confirmed recommending Sabado's transfer to another division as a sanction for lapses he committed at work, not because of the alleged P800,000 kickback.
The standard includes specifications for a kickback-testing machine, the corresponding testing procedures, and a metric for quantifying the kickback tendency of a given chainsaw.
Official investigation of information voiced by PM Otorbayev about Finance Ministry's demand to pay kickback from funds provided for coal procurement launched
A co-owner of a Middlesex industrial company who already admitted to taking part in a kickbacks scheme to get work on two New Jersey Superfund cleanups admitted to later lying to regulators about the extent of the conspiracy, according to the U.S.
Dubai: A prominent private healthcare group has called on the authorities to introduce a framework for whistleblowers so that doctors and facilities collecting kickbacks can be exposed.
The US Attorney of the Northern District of Alabama announced on September 29th that two former directors of the Alabama Organ Center in Birmingham have agreed to plead guilty to charges of health care and mail fraud involving a kickback scheme with a local funeral home.
Drugmaker Johnson & Johnson paid millions of dollars in kickback payments, including disguised pay-offs, to nursing home pharmacy company Omnicare Inc to prescribe its drugs to patients, U.S.
Department of Justice (DOJ) to pay $98 million to resolve allegations that the company engaged in several kickback schemes.
A former General Motors Corp executive, now said to be living in St Kitts & Nevis, has been indicted in what federal prosecutors said was a kickback scheme involving bulk aluminum sales that cost the automaker about US$80 million, reports Reuters (March 15, 2008):