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The active principle in extracts of Ammi visnaga, an umbelliferous plant growing in the Near East; used in angina pectoris and asthma.
[Ar. khella]
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Further, in order to obtain information about possible active ingredients the two major khella compounds khellin and visnagin were investigated for possible preventive effects on cell damage.
Khellin (97% purity), visnagin (97% purity), oxalic acid and calcium oxalate monohydrate were purchased from Sigma Aldrich (St.
Quantitative determination of khellin and visnagin in KE by HPLC
Khellin and visnagin were identified by their spectrum at 330 nm using reference compounds.
Exposure of khellin and visnagin to LLC-PK1 and MDCK were conducted using the same Ox and COM concentrations as mentioned above.
The marker compounds khellin and visnagin were quantitatively determined in an aqueous extract prepared from the crushed fruits of Ammi visnaga L.
Since 100 of KE on the release of LDH in both cell lines revealed more consistent effects this concentration was chosen to calculate the corresponding amount of khellin and visnagin.
4B) crystals to LLC-PK1 in presence or absence of khellin or visnagin.
Our results further demonstrated that khellin and visnagin decreased the % LDH release from both LLC-PK1 and MDCK when exposed to Ox or COM crystals.
as well as the main compounds khellin and visnagin could prevent cell damage caused by Ox or COM crystals in renal epithelial cells.
A case study to evaluate the treatment of vitiligo with khellin encapsulated in L-phenylalanin stabilized phosphatidylcholine liposomes in combination with ultraviolet light therapy.
Treatment of vitiligo with local khellin and UVA: comparison with systemic PUVA.