Key Sign

Hyperaesthesia due to Trypanosoma brucei gambiense infection, in which patients are so sensitive to touch that familiar activities—e.g., locking of doors, requiring use of keys—are avoided
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Over two-thirds respondents (69 per cent) are currently reporting at least one key sign of business growth, a 15 point rise from June 2012.
While it is unlikely to bother famous 39-year-olds such as David Beckham and Russell Brand, the key sign Mr Average is The Invisible Man is when women no longer eye him up.
Summary: It is a key sign of intelligence that one learns from one's own mistakes, and on the anniversary of the outbreak of the Civil War, this is worth remembering.
Suu Kyi visited Norway as part of a landmark European tour last June that was seen as a key sign of change for Myanmar, where she had spent a total of 15 years under house arrest.
A third key sign is the direction of the magnetic field, and scientists are eagerly analyzing the data to see whether that has, indeed, changed direction.
Dr Mirza said its decision was a key sign that Bahrain had recovered from the unrest.
With close to one in 10 American workers out of work, the monthly job count u always an eagerly awaited indicator u was seen as a key sign of the heath of the economic recovery.
Bryant said he took the 2-0 start as a key sign that the Lakers succeeded in picking up where they left off after pushing the Phoenix Suns to Game 7 in their first- round playoff series.
According to foot specialists, the key sign is early morning pain: It feels like you've stepped on a carpet tack when you get out of bed.
Changes in behavior patterns are a key sign that depression may be getting out of hand and help should be sought.
In Yorkshire and the Humber and the North East, 55% of business are showing one key sign of business growth in the latest edition of the long-running survey compared with 68% nationally.
The visit is seen as a key sign that relations are improving after years of tension.