keto acid

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carboxylic acid

an organic compound containing the carboxy group (-COOH), which is weakly ionized in solution forming a carboxylate ion (-COO).
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ke·to ac·id

(kē'tō as'id),
An acid containing a ketone group (-CO-) in addition to the acid group(s); α-keto acid refers to a 2-oxo acid (for example, pyruvic acid); β-keto acid refers to a 3-oxo acid (for example, acetoacetic acid), etc.
Synonym(s): oxo acid
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ke·to ac·id

(kē'tō as'id)
An acid containing a ketone group (-CO-) in addition to the acid group(s).
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Though the ketoacids are excreted but are rapidly reabsorbed and cause high anion gap10.
This suggests the active trans-deamination of amino acids for the incorporation of ketoacids into the Krebs cycle in order to release the energy required for the synthesis of new proteins (Sivaramakrishna and Radhakrishnaiah 1998).
In the cerebrovascular endothelium, monocarboxylic acid transporter 1 (Mct1) controls blood-brain transport of short chain monocarboxylic acids such as L-lactate, acetate, pyruvate, ketone bodies, acetoacetate and [beta]-hydroxybutyrate monocarboxylic and ketoacids to support energy metabolism and play potential role in treating brain diseases (Table 2) [66].
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2) Excess production of acids, eg ketoacids formed during starvation, alcohol abuse, or in poorly controlled diabetes; and lactic acid in shock.
(2) Estimation of N[H.sub.4]+ excretion by the urine AG is unreliable when the urine contains significant amounts of bicarbonate or unusual anions, such as ketoacids or drugs, including penicillin or salicylate.
Marie Constance Graham from Minera, died at her home from diabetic acidosis - dangerously high sugar levels and ketoacids in the blood.