keto acid

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carboxylic acid

an organic compound containing the carboxy group (-COOH), which is weakly ionized in solution forming a carboxylate ion (-COO).
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ke·to ac·id

(kē'tō as'id),
An acid containing a ketone group (-CO-) in addition to the acid group(s); α-keto acid refers to a 2-oxo acid (for example, pyruvic acid); β-keto acid refers to a 3-oxo acid (for example, acetoacetic acid), etc.
Synonym(s): oxo acid
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ke·to ac·id

(kē'tō as'id)
An acid containing a ketone group (-CO-) in addition to the acid group(s).
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Some of the precursors of these gamma keto esters have been investigated for their antibacterial and antifungal activities [14-16].
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Acid chlorides (2a-2p) required in the preparation of gamma keto esters (3a-3p) were prepared by the reaction of di-/tri-substitutedbenzyl hydrogen succinates (8 mmol)) and thionyl chloride (22.5 mmol).
Overnight-hatched brine shrimps were used in the cytotoxic test of the gamma keto esters (3a-3p).