Alfred, U.S. ophthalmologist, 1890-1961. See: Kestenbaum sign, Kestenbaum number, Kestenbaum procedure.
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The Philippine Ambassador to Israel Neal Imperial, Mayor Dov Sur and holocaust survivor Margot Pins Kestenbaum laid the wreaths at the Monument which was launched and unveiled in 2009 during the term of the late Ambassador Antonio Modena, who according to Imperial, came up with the idea for the monument.
The book turned up last year at an auction organized by Kestenbaum & Company.
Also in attendance was Margot Pins Kestenbaum, a holocaust survivor who, together with her family, fled to the Philippines from Germany in 1938 to escape the Nazi.
Amazon Alexa is unique in so many ways, and we are excited to leverage this partnership with Amazon for the benefit of the Henry Hall residents," Jerry Kestenbaum of BuildingLink.
Alan Kestenbaum, chairman of Bedrock Industries, said, 'This is an exciting day for Stelco and for all of those who have worked so hard to position this company for success.
Amazon might be a big fat pipeline into consumer's homes, but that's not the same as creating inspiration," Richard Kestenbaum, a partner at Triangle Capital LLC, (https://www.
OHEL thanks the dedicated oXc co-chairs - Ben Englander, Phil Goldfeder, Aryeh Jacobson, Etan Kestenbaum, Yehudah Konig, Rachel Rosenberg, and Jeffrey Schwartz - whose vision and leadership has enabled OHEL to raise critical funds to help the most vulnerable in our community.
Offering a customer service option through AI and voice recognition might be a cost-saving or marketing advantage for the company that chooses to offer it," Jerry Kestenbaum, CEO, BuildingLink, says.
In the early 1950s Anderson, Goto and Kestenbaum independently devised a surgical technique to move the null zone towards the primary gaze position, thus reducing any AHP present.
THWR will remain based in Fairfield, NJ, and will continue to be led by Zuppichini and its team of seasoned professionals, including Senior Vice President of Marketing and Operations Sam Kestenbaum, and Vice President of Sales Amy Kiley.
The writer, Sam Kestenbaum, who visited Dr Ben-Jochannan at the nursing home in which he resided before his death, did as much to question and undermine the authenticity of Dr Ben as he did to recognise his indelible and far-reaching influence.