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Acronym for kinetic energy released in a material.
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(kĕr′mă) [Acronym fr. kinetic energy released in matter]
The kinetic energy transferred to charged particles by indirectly ionizing radiation per mass matter. It is expressed in units of J/kg (grays).

air kerma

The kerma in an air mass, measured in grays.
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There was also a statistically significant difference in air kerma between the various phases, [chi square] (2) = 89.606, p < 0.0001.
The information about the flux density of thermal neutrons designated for different distances between the source and the detector and a flux to kerma conversion coefficient was used, which allowed for the determination of dose values used in respect of exposed detectors.
Since the incident air kerma to be measured is generally only slightly higher than background levels, the standards and guidance documents in Table 1 generally recommend, for sensitivity, using a largevolume, free-air (thin-walled) ionization chamber (IC) with a high-quality electrometer with 0.1 pC resolution for the charge collection.
We were a group of young men (seven or more) from Kerma; those I remember are: Abu Haurira, my friend of 16 years, Yahya Abdel Hamied, Mohamed Al Hadi, Mohamed Hassan, Dya Al Dein Abdel Wahab and Smai Naser.
AE 1930, 133 (Ain Kerma): Quintus, Mucat^ali f(ilius), eq(ues) alae | Pann(on)iorum I, | tur(ma) Liccaionis, an| nor(um) XXXV, natione Thra | cus, milita(uit) a(nnorum) XVII.
(7) The measurement of these dose quantities can be achieved by direct measurements using thermoluminescent dosimeters (TLDs), indirect measurement of physical test phantoms (8) and kerma area product (KAP) meters.
The Kerma Partners Pricing Management Survey 2010 polled law firms from the United Kingdom, Continental Europe and the United States.
Bad Kerma: Kermorgant tries to chip Marshall (right) while Zidane (below right) also liked to try it on at penalties
On behalf of the Cuban government, the minister for Foreign Investment and Economic Cooperation, Marta Lomas, received the donation from Ahcene Kerma, the Algerian ambassador to Havana.