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Elizabeth, Australian nurse, 1880-1952. See: Kenny treatment.
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name of a rehabilitation institute in Minneapolis, MN.
Kenny rating - Synonym(s): Kenny self-care evaluation
Kenny score - Synonym(s): Kenny self-care evaluation
Kenny self-care evaluation - a system of numeric ratings for evaluating a patient's ability to perform 17 activities. Synonym(s): Kenny rating; Kenny score
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This sighting prompted the hunt, by Kenny and local volunteers.
Kenny, a former Cowie Primary and Stirling High pupil, spent 28 years working as a warrant officer at RAF Kinloss.
Kenny Blaq who shut down the 02 Arena in London recently, has promised fans to expect a never-seen-before performance on the show date which also marks the celebration of five years on stage.
Kenny Smith Kenny said: "My sister, Kathleen, was diagnosed with MS and she coped well for many years and never let it get her down, she was always smiling and never complained."
Schalke, however, are | Defender Jonjoe Kenny favourites to secure his services at this point with new manager David Wagner, sacked by Huddersfield Town last season, keen on the youngster.
To those who post-date Kenny, that perhaps gives a flavour of the man whose authoritative Tobermory tones dominated Scotland's airwaves.
Kenny, understandably, may well feel like he doesn't know whether he's coming or going.
People who know Kenny have said that he has been left, understandably, frustrated by his situation during spells this season.
But the association feel Kenny is a good fit to succeed Noel King at the younger age group and have made a fresh attempt to snare him.
I was up five night - and actually fall nine Laura "I was up five times last night - and he didn't actually fall asleep until nine o'clock, the little s*d," laughed Kenny after seeing off Germany's Anna Knauer in the final head to head for her 12th career continental gold.
They started to argue about how they were going to divide up their assets and when Kenny would move out.