Kennewick Man

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An ancient—9,300-year-old—Native American skeleton that is, to date, the most complete prehistoric human remains. It was found in the Pacific Northwest on a bank of the Columbia River in Kennewick, Washington, in 1996. Kennewick Man—Ken for short—along with other ancient skeletons, has furthered the debate over the origin of early Native American people; the prevailing hypothesis is that of a single wave of migration of hunters and gatherers who followed large herds of game across the Bering land bridge around 12,000 years ago. The rival hypothesis is that of multiple waves of migration
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Kennewick Man displays the greatest genetic similarity to northern Native Americans, especially the Colville, Ojibwa and Algonquin, the scientists say.
Walter BigBee offers the reader lessons in humility through a deep sociohistorical lens in which to view the Kennewick Man case as falling on the same historical continuum in Native treatment by European Americans.
Within the United States, this same question has been recently posed with respect to Native American tribes in the case of Kennewick Man.
Riley's project will focus on the controversy surrounding the discovery of 9,300 year old human bones that have come to be called Kennewick Man.
The neo-Norsemen argued that they were the nearest tribe related to Kennewick Man and that under NAGPRA they should be given the bones for reburial.
The January 2001 issue included features on subjects as diverse as teaching 1492, the battle over Kennewick Man, Benjamin Franklin's fascination with electricity, Harriet Beecher Stowe online and the author of `The Night Before Christmas'.
It is not clear that Kennewick Man really "belongs to any existing tribe at all," say Bonnichsen and Schneider.
SIRS Researcher, a general-reference database for students and adults, has added a large selection of current and updated topics such as the 2000 Presidential Campaign, Microsoft Antitrust Case, Asia's Nuclear Safety, Kennewick Man, Urban Sprawl, World Population: 6 Billion, and Cyber Squatting.
Another bone of contention is the ownership of Kennewick man, a skeleton dating back to about 7500 B.
But the consequences can be laughable, as in the case of Kennewick Man.