Kennedy, William

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William, U.S. neurologist.
Kennedy disease - an X-linked recessive disorder characterized by progressive spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy.
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But he sided with us [against dissenters Anthony Kennedy, William Rehnquist and Clarence Thomas].
Year 11 students Lachlan Kennedy, William Hill, Sam Campbell and William Arch Davies came through three preliminary rounds to qualify for Saturday's finals, where they came sixth out of the eight teams from areas such as Nottingham, Sheffield and London.
Hobbies/Interests: Fishing spending time with wife, Trida, and three sons Hal, Kennedy, William, daughter-in-law Kelli, and granddaughter Maggie.
Ireland Christine Higginson, McLean Bookmaker, Belfast; Stephen Kennedy, William Hill, Newtonards; Cathal Moore, Boylesports, Carlow.
Titled “Sinners in Sin City: Ethical Issues and Dilemmas in Client and Practice Development,” the panel discussion will include Bailey, Kennedy, William S.
The Americans include former US senators Edward Kennedy, William Frank Church and William Saxbe.
It was a sorry day for the American left, when one liberal senator after another--George McGovern, Gene McCarthy, Mike Mansfield, Ted Kennedy, William Fulbright, William Proxmire, Mark Hatfield--caved.
He married Marylena Lowe in 1947, and they had five children: Mary Lowe Kennedy, William H.