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(kĕn′drōō′), John Cowdery 1917-1997.
British biologist. He shared the 1962 Nobel Prize for chemistry for determining the molecular structure of blood components.
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A section of the A68 between Bondgate and Northgate was closed during the incident, along with King Street and Kendrew Street as well as a section of Gladstone Street between North Lodge Terrace and Northgate.
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As a freshman last year at California's Dana Hills High School, he came across the antiwar poem "The Box" by Kendrew Lascelles and it resonated with him.
Con el metodo de Robertson, Sir John Kendrew (1917-1997), primer alumno de doctorado de Perutz, determino la estructura tridimensional de la mioglobina (5,6).
The Cougars team is: Kyle Hughes, Guy Kendrew, Sam Dore, Richard Franklin.
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It seemed to him that this had become "the central problem of biology" and that "x-ray crystallography was the only method in principle capable of solving it." His chosen protein for study was haemoglobin, many years of work on which led eventually to a Nobel Prize for Chemistry which was shared with his graduate student and then colleague, John Kendrew.
If the desire for accuracy won out over appearance in this instance, the search for a proud aesthetic was always present in the minds of those who founded and designed much of Colonial Williamsburg (Kendrew, 613-14).
Protein crystal analysis using x-ray diffraction first gained widespread attention in 1962 when John Kendrew and Max Perutz won the Nobel Prize.
His student, the British biochemist John Cowdery Kendrew (b.