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J., 20th-century U.S. pathologist. See: Abell-Kendall method.


Edward C., U.S. physiologic chemist and Nobel laureate, 1886-1972. See: Kendall compound.

A·bell-Ken·dall meth·od

(ā'bel ken'dăl meth'ŏd)
A methodology for determining total serum cholesterol that avoids interference by bilirubin, protein, and hemoglobin.
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Out of everyone from the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kendall is the one who has kept mostly to herself.
We told the doctors that we would leave it to Kendall to determine if she needed a wheelchair, and instead went with a walker to assist her with mobility," said her father Mark Stier.
DAVE W Howard Kendall not only a Everton legend but a football legend DAVID He was a great player and a good manager.
The Football League accepted it and Dave made his debut that Saturday," Kendall chuckled.
As showbiz couples go, Harry and Kendall would be a match made in heaven.
Those are the markets that Kendall had identified as (what we) are good at, and succesful in.
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Kendall to Voegelin" "I could content myself with saying that when Strauss heard that I was planning such a book (I had found a publisher, incidentally) he wrote me that I'd best talk to him before setting to work on it.
As might be expected from the inclusion of the last two items noted above, many essays deal in some way with the relationship between Kendall and Leo Strauss.
Sustainability revolves around a 'triple bottom line,' which is based on how we manage our financial, social and environmental responsibilities," said Kendall.
It's difficult to imagine an explanation for these conversations that is both innocent and plausible, and Kendall and Ruff do not offer one.