Kelly clamp

Kel·ly clamp

a curved hemostat without teeth, introduced for gynecologic surgery.

Kelly clamp

Etymology: Howard A. Kelly, American gynecologist, 1858-1943; AS, clam, to fasten
a curved hemostat without teeth, used primarily for grasping vascular tissue in gynecological procedures.


Howard A., U.S. gynecologist, 1858-1943.
Kelly clamp - a curved hemostat without teeth.
Kelly operation - correction of retroversion of the uterus; correction of urinary stress incontinence.
Kelly placenta forceps
Kelly plication
Kelly rectal speculum
Kelly uterine dilator
Kelly uterine scissors
Kelly uterine tenaculum
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8 x 5-mm gold seed fiducial markers, and a Kelly clamp (Figure 9).
Using the Kelly clamp the fiducial marker is positioned and released into the Hawkins needle.
Elevating the top of the vagina with a ring forceps or Kelly clamp to a more physiologically normal position in the office or operating room can determine the role of apical failure in the posterior wall prolapse.
A Kelly clamp is used to reach into the patient's mouth and withdraw the wire transorally.
If the Pipelle does not pass due to a very flexed cervix, use a sterile Kelly clamp to completely bend the Pipelle about an inch from the tip, making a dent.
Our solution has been to tighten the loop on the cervix and place a Kelly clamp on the shaft of the loop before switching our instruments from side to side.
Our method of SMI is performed using only a #15 blade, Kelly clamp, and a wire-reinforced ETT.