mosquito forceps

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mos·qui·to clamp

a small hemostat, straight or curved, with or without teeth; used to hold delicate tissue or for hemostasis.
Synonym(s): mosquito forceps

mosquito forceps


mosquito clamp

A small, straight or curved hemostatic forceps used to hold delicate tissue or compress a bleeding vessel.

mosquito forceps

a small hemostatic forceps. See also Halsted's forceps, def. 1.
A small, straight or curved forceps used in general surgery that has a locking grip with 3–5 teeth to allow rachet clamping at various pressures. Mosquitos are used to retract in small fields, hold delicate tissue, and compress bleeding vessels, among other things


blood-sucking insect of the genera Aedes, Anopheles, Culex, Taeniorhynchus (Mansonia) and Psorophora. Some species are concerned with the transmission of diseases, such as equine encephalomyelitis, filarial nematodes, avian malaria and Rift Valley fever.

mosquito-bite dermatitis
pruritic papules and plaques develop on the face of cats with hypersensitivity reactions to mosquito bites.
mosquito forceps
see halsted mosquito forceps.
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After complete hemostasis and sectioning of the left ovarian artery and vein, animals were repositioned in a supine recumbent position and the area close to the suspensory ovarian ligament was grasped using the Kelly forceps.
healing equipment (stainless steel kidney 8 ", kelly forceps 5 1/2" straight, 1 kelly forceps 5 1/2 "curve, 1 cup of stainless steel with 2 oz),surgery small equipment (1 kidney of stainless steel 8 ", 1 cup 2-oz stainless steel", one surgery scissors 5 1/2 straight, 1 kelly forceps 5 1/2 "straight, 1 kelly forceps 5 1/2" curve, one mosquito forceps 5 1/2 "straight, 1 mosquito forceps 5 1/2" curve.
The artifact occurred on images taken after a surgical instrument such as a Penfield dissector (a broad, curved, metallic instrument) or a Kelly forceps was used as a marker to count the vertebral bodies.