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George, 18th-century Scottish anatomist. See: Monro-Kellie doctrine.
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Rosemary, Kellie's aunt and caretaker in Moscow, had told Mark that she received the best care from Fedorenko.
Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award: Kellie Duquette.
The duo will be joined by Chris''s daughter, Kellie, who in a strange twist of fate was asked by folk legend and former member of Fairport Convention, Ashley Hutchings, to join the Albion Band as lead vocalist, after the departure of her mother.
Kellie, a Shelley College A-level student, will wear a T-shirt promoting blood donation during her stint.
Kellie has also worked for London Fashion Week new designers.
At 33, both Kellie and Lacette behave--and are treated--as though they are much younger.
Kellie is going to swap her meditation, daily yoga and clutter-free home with fellow Londoner Maxine -a caffeine drinking, meat-eating smoker, who lives with her partner of seven years, Justin, their two-year-old son, Dre, and Maxine's two daughters Amy and Antonella.
Kellie - who started her career in ITV's The Upper Hand - went straight from playing Me Julie in Ali G in Da House to taking on the role of lesbian City fraudster Cassie Tyler in Bad Girls.
In two episodes, 24-year-old Kellie - who plays medical student Lucy Knight - will be seen by the show's millions of fans dying after becoming brain dead and slipping into a coma.
Seeking peace and quiet, Betty (Kellie Overbey) rents a room in a seaside cottage whose other occupants all turn out to be loony tunes.
Kellie Wilson, 32, has been unable to hear since the age of four and has become a proficient lip reader.