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verb An obsolete Middle English term meaning to exude, as in eczema; it is not used in the working medical parlance.

low-energy emission therapy



An alternative treatment for sleep disorders in which the oral mucosa is stimulated by low-wattage electromagnetic fields.
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Capturing the film's entire upbeat, sexy energy is the MCA soundtrack, which features performances by major recording artists such as Jodeci, The Roots, Avant and Chante Moore, as well as tracks from Melky Sedeck, KeKe Wyatt, Rahsaan Patterson, and Yasmeen.
Reuben Cannon will produce, with a cast that includes Perry, Rochelle Aytes, Lisa Arrindell Anderson, Boris Kodjoe, Lynn Whitfield, Blair Underwood, Jenifer Lewis, Henry Simmons, Tangi Miller, Keke Palmer, Dr.
The soundtrack for Lionsgate's upcoming inspirational drama, AKEELAH AND THE BEE, starring Laurence Fishburne, Angela Bassett and Keke Palmer, became the first release to street under the new banner.
This partnership is currently rolling out with Interscope singer/actress Keke Palmer, who will lend her time and support to both organizations' efforts.
Releases From Michael '5000' Watts, Archie Lee, Lil KeKe, Paul Wall, Coota Bang & Mike Jones
The result is ``The Wool Cap,'' the tale of a mute inner-city apartment janitor (Macy) who is left to care for a 10-year-old urchin (newcomer Keke Palmer) in his seedy building until they forge a powerful bond.
Keke is the only rebel leader to refuse to sign the 2000 peace deal that ended the fight over land in a conflict that saw up to 200 killed and 20,000 forced from their homes.
Twelve-year-old actress Keke Palmer inhabits the central role of Akeelah with effortless grace, far beyond her tender years.
Me and Ciaran clicked from early on, but it'll probably take a bit of time for me and Keke to understand each other.
Playtex Sport is partnering with Broadway, film and television actress Keke Palmer to encourage girls to find the fitness activity or sport that's right for them to positively impact not only their year ahead, but their futures.
GUILLAUME KEKE is still determined to make an impact in the Irish League.
Buay Keke, deputy head of the rebel office in Kampala, said their leadership was fade up with the Juba government after several attempt by regional leaders to broker a peace deal.