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A.H., 20th-century U.S. gynecologist. See: Kegel exercises.
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I realize that's not unusual for a man in his late 60s, but a friend suggested I try Kegel exercises.
Chughtai recommends for all types of UI are Kegel exercises, which strengthen the muscles in the pelvic floor and help prevent or reduce leakage.
We've been hearing for years now about the importance of doing pelvic floor exercises (aka: Kegel excercises), but many of us still have questions.
s*x therapists have long recommended that women do Kegel exercises (flexing the muscles in your pelvic floor) throughout the day, but also during s*x.
Por ello, los ejercicios de Kegel son perfectos para fortalecer los musculos situados alrededor de la uretra y los del suelo pelvico.
Treating the Problem If you have stress incontinence, your doctor will likely recommend Kegel exercises.
The purpose of the present study was to design of booklet about all information of Kegel exercises by Arabic language as ahealthawarenessprogram from prostatitis.
Teaching pelvic floor exercises, commonly called Kegel exercises, needs to be done thoroughly and appropriately.
Handel Animal Protection Prize has been awarded to Birgit Kegel and Beate Kramer from the Paul Ehrlich Institut in Langen together with four further members of their team for developing an in vitro method to test botulinum neurotoxin potency.
The Private Gym Kegel Male Trainer uses weighted rings that go around the penis when you do pelvic floor exercises, gradually building their strength as you go.
The first line of treatment is Kegel exercises (see box) which will help tone the lax bladder muscles.